Chiquita Kearney a wife, and mother of 3, the oldest of 9 siblings . originally from a small town called Cove city,NC. Chiquita has a Degree in Early Childhood Education. She currently in school for Business Administration. What prompted her into becoming a self publisher and to write a book was when her 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with Alopecia. Her daughter kept being bullied so she knew she had to do something to help more children be aware of the condition. She wanted her daughter to be able to see herself in a book and not only see books with individuals that’s had long hair. Trinity love to play soccer. When she get older she want to be a pro soccer player.


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Trinity Kearney, a 12 year old girl who always had beautiful long thick hair until one day she noticed a bald spot. Trinity was then diagnosed with Alopecia but that didn’t stop her from loving herself.